Book Recommendations

An incredible guide, Making Shapely Fiction is a timeless instructive read that every writer should have as part of their reference collection.  

If you are one to agonize over things like style, rhyme, or meter, this book is for you.  It breaks down everything you need to know about the things that must be considered in order to write great poetry.  

This is a perfect companion for the short story writer.  This book includes 100 stories from some of the most celebrated authors of all time.  Whether you are looking for a good read or great inspiration for you next story, this book is worthy of being included in your personal reference section

Sites to Sight!

This site is a must for any writer of any genre.  With links to calls for submissions, sampling of emerging author works, and a general resource for all things writing, this site gives writers a place to be in-tune with current happenings.

This site is one of the most helpful a wirter can find--if finances will allow.  This company provides services that are often cumbersome to the average author: query letters (creation and submission), calls for submissions, mailings, etc., can all be handled through through them.