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The Linguistique Mystique is a literary e-magazine dedicated to the art, craft, and business of writing.  Since 2015, TLM Language Services, LLC, our parent company, has recognized talent among independent authors and helped them develop their voices through writing coaching and publication.  Through The Linguistique Mystique, TLM Language Services, LLC, shares current practices in the writing profession to help independent authors succeed. 


Come grow with us as we continue our mission to bring you authentic and talented voices from around the globe. Mark your calendar for our upcoming issues: 

August (Summer)                                           Hot Guy Summer!

November (Fall)                                              Reconnection

February (Winter)                                          The Right Writer Must Haves

May (Spring)                                                   Our Year in Review!


The Linguistique Mystique Staff:

Editor-In-Chief/Writer:                                    Dr. Ondra Krouse-Dismukes

Publication Manager/Writer:                        Kortney Y. Watkins

Sales and Marketing Manager/Writer:        Jacqueline Harris

Managing Editor/Writer:                                 L. Renee James Griffin 

Writer/Editor:                                                     Lindsay Clyde Flanagan 

Writers:                                                                Alex D. Howard, Aziza Sphinx

The Linguistique Mystique is a quarterly publication. We are currently accepting submissions for our August(Summer) issue!

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