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We consider completed manuscripts of flash fiction, short stories, poetry, and essays by emerging and established independent authors.  A query should include a thorough outline that introduces your work proposal and highlights its literary attributes. Your query should discuss how your work will benefit our readers, why the topic is timely, and why you are the appropriate writer to discuss the topic.

Please include your publishing credentials related to your topic with your submission, along with a brief bio.

Send email queries to our Managing Editor at  Please do not send attachments—instead, paste your submission directly into the body of the email, below your query. If you have clips available online, please include links. Accepted freelance articles must be submitted in electronic form, in text-only or Microsoft Word. We expect writers to thoroughly check all facts in their stories and to submit documentation to support the information included in their stories.

To facilitate proper vetting of all submissions, please allow 2–4 weeks for a response. Each submission must include your name, address, daytime telephone number and email address.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

·         We don't accept or respond to queries via snail mail, phone or fax.

·         We don't buy newspaper clippings.

Feature articles are the centerpiece of The Lingustique Mystique. This section is the best place for new writers to showcase their work. Each feature article comprises an exclusive author interview and an 800-900–book review.  Reviews will range in style and tone for every issue, but will offer  a Quill rating, according to the literary artistry; the structure, style, and theme of the work; and the mechanics of the work.  Include “Feature Article” and the name of your submission in the subject line of your query.  Your audience awaits!