10 Positive Ways to Keep You Sane while Suffering from Writer’s Block!

Hi! My Name is Jay L. Harris, and I am one of the owners of TLM Language Services. I decided to come out of blogging retirement to bless you with a few affirmations you can use to keep you uplifted while writing.

How did I end up on this topic?

I’m glad you asked. Right now, many of our current bloggers are suffering from a well-known disease in the writing community. I think you have heard of it. If you have ever written anything, you have suffered from it too. This disease is called . . . Wait for it… WRITER’S BLOCK!!!! . . . OMG, THE HORROR!!!

Ok, seriously: Writer’s block is no joke! It can last a few hours to a few years. I know I have gone months with nothing to write. Sitting down at my laptop to write the bomb.com story and . . . nothing, nada, nunca, zero . . . NOT A DAMNED THING!

Writer’s block can way heavily on your spirit, especially if you have a deadline to meet. The pressure to produce can add up quickly; it is one reason that many writers are driven to drink (Tequila is my drink of choice, by the way.). With editors, publishers, and your fans demanding new work, the pressure can drive any person insane.

You can’t prevent writer’s block from happening, but you can change your thoughts while you are going through it. Instead of complaining, I have come up with 10 positive ways to keep you sane while suffering from writer’s block! Yes, one includes drinking!!! Can you say $5 Margaritas?!

10 Positive Ways to Keep You Sane while Suffering from Writer’s Block!

  1. Journal - I know it sounds like an oxymoron, but having a place to write down your feelings and cast your deepest, darkest secrets can help relieve the things that may be blocking our spirit from writing. I believe that writing is a spiritual experience. Our lives are bombarded daily with good shit and bad shit, and our brains help to process all that shit through our system. Writing in a journal is an excellent place to start!

  2. Affirmations - I live by affirmations. I place them all over my desk bulletin board. Print out your affirmation on pretty paper, and place it on your board as inspiration. Looking at my favorite affirmation, “I Create Dope Shit!” reminds me that I’m a gifted writer and other people enjoy what I do!

  3. Watch a Movie - Yo! This helps me so much! I love getting into a series on Netflix where I can binge-watch something. I watch anything from Bollywood movies to documentaries. Giving my mind a break from creativity helps me reset my spirit so I can get back to writing

  4. Praying/Meditation - Sometimes you have to call on a higher power! “Jesus, are you listening?”

  5. Drinking with friends - Get out of the house!!!! Let me say it one more time for the people in the back: GET OUT THE HOUSE!!! Go out drinking with friends. Even if you don’t drink, go out with friends and have a virgin strawberry daiquiri (as if anyone really wants one of those . . .).

  6. Travel - The sand in Barbados is amazing (Lord knows I need the beach in my life right now.)! If you can’t afford to go to the beach, go to the store to buy a couple of bags of sand and a kiddie pool to create your own beach oasis.

  7. Cook - Cooking relaxes me. Use this time to try out a new recipe. If you don’t cook, do what I do. I like finding a recipe for my best friend to try. She loves cooking! I send her a recipe from Pinterest and show up to her house with the ingredients.

  8. Develop another creative hobby - One thing I have learned is that most creatives have more than one gift. Take this time to develop another gift you have. Maybe you pick back up the violin you use to play in high school, or pull out those paintbrushes.

  9. Exercise - Yes! Something as simple as walking through your neighborhood can get your creative juices flowing. If you are suffering from writer’s block, take a brisk walk. Learn to enjoy nature and all the beauty it has to offer.

  10. Patience - Be patient with yourself. Writing is a marathon, not a sprint. Stop comparing yourself to other writers. Work at your own pace and remember, "You Got This!"

  11. These are my 10 ways to stay positive during writer’s block. What are some positive things you do to stay sane? Leave a comment below.

  12. P.S. Don’t forget to share this blog on social media!!!

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