From What Point of View Should You Write?

Point of view, also known as POV, is the stance a story is told. Will the story be filtered through a narrator's perspective, a third-party perspective, or the main character's perspective? In other words, how much access will the writer allow the audience to have to character's thoughts, feelings, and actions. POV equals the character(s) narrating the story.

First Person

This type of point of view allows readers to see everything from the narrator's lens with the use of pronouns such as I, me, my, we, and ours. For example, "I felt the jolt of the sudden stop run through my body as my head collided with the leather steering wheel." The audience is privy to the narrator's thoughts, feelings, and actions as the story plays out. Typically speaking, it is usually from the main character's point of view. Readers get to know the main character on a personal level. They feel like they are experiencing the events as they unfold.

Second Person

The narrator speaks directly to the audience but is really referring to him or herself with the use of the following pronouns: you, your, and yours. Second person point of view highlights "you," the unknown audience. For example, "You felt the jolt of the sudden stop run through your body as your head collided with the leather steering wheel." Readers place themselves in the lead role of the story.

Third Person

In general, most writers prefer third person point of view because readers can view one or more perspectives using pronouns such as he, she, him, her, it, they, and them. For example, "Adiyah felt the jolt of the sudden stop run through her body as her head collided with the leather steering wheel." In this case, the narrator or speaker is a third-party character recounting the events that occurred to Adiyah.

Writers must decide from which angle their story will be told. Which one will help their readers invest in the characters and story lines more? In addition, how many perspectives do they want their readers to have access to, how much information do they want them to know, and when do they want them to know certain information? These are are important questions every good writer struggles with and must answer to create a quality story.

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