Happy 2020! by Alex D. Howard

2019 was the worst year of my life. The year was filled with calamity, weight gain, money problems, and depression. I had very few moments of happiness. In the past, when things were not going my way, I was able to pretend that I was ok and go on with my daily routine. Last year, however, I couldn’t fake it anymore. There was one day in September when I received some bad news regarding my job, and I just shut down. For at least an hour, I didn’t move or talk to anyone, including myself. I just sat in my chair and did nothing. As Fall approached, I overheard people whine about how fast the year had gone bye. Personally, I wanted the year to end as soon as possible. When the holiday season arrived, I wasn’t happy or cheerful. Shopping, spending time with the kids, and being off from work did not put me in a better mood. Christmas is my favorite holiday, but I rushed and put the tree up three days before Christmas. I didn’t make any plans to ring in the new year. I just wanted the year to end!

Happy New Year!… Finally, 2020 arrived, and I began to resolve those lingering issues from 2019. My life and the changes that I wanted to make were progressing slowly, but I was ok. Then Coronavirus was discovered in Wuhan, China; Covid-19 annihilated Italy; and The Rona came to The United States, causing massive toilet paper hoarding. Now, it’s May 2020. Most businesses remain closed, everyone seems to be wearing a face mask, rush hour traffic is a thing of old, and toilet paper remains a hot-ticket item. For many people, tomorrow is filled with uncertainties, but 2020 is not over . . . .

Our daily lives change with each CDC news conference. However, as I stumble over all the toilet paper I’m hoarding and stare out the windows at the children playing while wearing their face masks, I smile. Honestly, I have enjoyed the break from the normal everyday hustle. I have been able to get some much-needed rest, I cleaned my closet, and I finally took down the Christmas tree. I know some of us have lost loved ones, and many are unemployed. These two hardships, for a time, will be unbearable and all consuming; but we are going to be ok. There are seven months of unknown wonders and possibilities remaining in 2020.

No one can explain this pandemic. Maybe the Earth needed to reset itself, or maybe Mother Nature has us all in a time-out. We all have cabin fever, but we will be outside again. Additionally, don’t pressure yourself to have a new business or be in shape once we can leave our homes. If you have done nothing but lay on the sofa and watch tv, that’s ok. Although, it is a good time to read or write a book. I have a book in my toilet paper room that I need to finish. Regardless of what is said on the news or what you do or don’t do, remain hopeful.

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