Welcome to TLM Academy!

Here you will find the resources, education, and network to help you perfect your craft and define yourself within your calling—writer, poet, blogger, screenwriter and/or other creative.


Our mission is to educate and empower writing creatives through which their full potential can be realized.


Our vision is to see a thriving network of like-minded creatives change the world for the better through their individual and collective contributions to literature and culture.


Our underlying purpose is to support current and future generations of writing creatives the best way we can through project completion; we strive alongside you to help you conceive, create, develop, polish, and deliver a completed writing project.


In short, we are here for YOU. It doesn’t matter if you are an aspiring author or an established poet, TLM Academy offers a variety of online courses and face-to-face workshops to address the needs of the writing community. How can we be so sure about this? Two reasons: every member of TLM Academy’s faculty is both a writing creative and educator/coach. In short, we have been where you are now and have the experience/education to help you overcome whatever obstacles you face that may be preventing you from maturing into your full potential as a writing creative. Want to know more about our faculty? Click here 


The Ideal TLM Academy Scholar


All adults aged 18+ who have a creative writing inclination are ideal and welcome, no matter the level experience or how close you are to completing/publishing/promoting your project. If you’re serious about getting things done, we’re serious about helping you to accomplish this goal!


Course Offerings


TLM Academy will begin offering online courses beginning 1.2.2019, with more courses added every 90 days. This ensures that you have a clear pathway towards success. We will give you recommendations depending upon your needs. Click here to contact us so that we may be able to ascertain your goals and give guidance on the appropriate courses to take.




Currently, we offer the following e-courses through TLM Academy:


—Setting Up for Success: A Writer’s Guide to Getting Started (4 Weeks). $99 (suggested retail $159)

This course is designed to help set up a writing creative for the long haul of a writing project. Do you have a few ideas, but do not know what to do or where to begin? This is the ideal starter course. Suggested follow-up courses: Introduction to Writing Essentials or Introduction to Poetry Essentials.


—Mind Your Business!: Introduction to Business Writing for the Writer (4 Weeks). $99 (suggested retail $159)

This course is designed for the writing creative who has a completed project but does not know how to achieve the next step. Believe it or not, after the creative portion has ended, the business portion begins. Suggested follow up course: Breaking into the Business of Writing (available 4.1.2019).


—Introduction to Writing Essentials (8 Weeks). $199 (suggested retail $259)

Every industry has its own jargon and expectations of what it means to produce a polished project. Writing is no different. Do you have the knowledge and the industry vernacular of an accomplished writer? If you do not, this is an ideal course for you. Suggested prerequisite: Setting Up for Success: A Writer’s Guide to Getting Started; Suggested follow up course: Intermediate Writing Essentials (available 4.1.2019).


—Introduction to Poetry Essentials (8 Weeks). $199 (suggested retail $259). *This course has an additional fee for a textbook which can be purchased through our online store.

Not unlike the Introduction to Writing Essentials course, the Poetry industry has its own jargon, too. The art of poetry is a complex expression that requires study and practice. Do you have a poet’s soul, yet have difficulty expressing what is held hostage within? This course is ideal for you. Suggested prerequisite: Setting Up for Success: A Writer’s Guide to Getting Started; Suggested follow up course: Intermediate Poetry (available 4.1.2019).



Face-to-Face Workshops


—VIP Experience (3 hrs). $299 (suggested retail $379)

An intensive, full immersion one-on-one workshop between client and two faculty members, combining basic and intermediate level education and practice for writing, poetry, or blogging.


—Other workshops will be added throughout the 2019 calendar year. Be sure to check back periodically under TLM Language Services’ What’s New page.




Bundled courses/workshops are available. Contact TLM Language Services for pricing.


Becoming Enrolled


Prospective TLM Academy scholars should be aged 18 and up, with access to a computer and reliable internet, whether taking e-courses or participating in a face-to-face workshop (If the workshop is conducted on TLM premises, internet will be provided). Please see below for enrolling:


1.      Contact TLM Language Services if guidance is needed to select the appropriate class for you.


2.      Select your course/course package from the Book Online Tab.


3.      Fill out the registration information; if you plan on gifting a class to a loved one or friend, please put your name in the comments section, but be sure that your “giftee’s” information is listed on the registration form, including his/her email. Click the checkbox that asks if the course is being purchased as a gift.


4.      Submit payment; please note that all sales are final.


5.      Once payment is received, a confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours with a code that will allow access to the course. This code must be utilized within 180 days from the date of purchase or the purchase will be void and considered both non-transferable and non-refundable.


Getting Started with E-courses


1.      Courses begin every Sunday on a rolling basis.


2.      If your course requires a textbook, please be sure to order it prior to activating your code! It is recommended that you receive your book first.


3.      You must activate your registration by Thursday of the week prior. Ex. You want to start your course on the second Sunday of February. You would need to activate your registration between Sunday-Thursday of the week leading into the second Sunday in February. To activate your code, click on the link for your course found within your confirmation email. You will be taken to TLM Academy’s e-course site where you will be prompted to enter your code. *Please note that your code is not shareable. Any scholar caught attempting to share their code will forfeit access to the class, which is non-refundable and non-transferable.


4.      Once you have activated your code, your instructor will send you a Welcome message. Please respond. This lets us know that you are active, engaged, and ready to rock!


E-course Expectations—Yours & Ours


1.      Every course at TLM Academy is professional. This means that we are serious about giving you our best. In turn, we expect the same level of commitment to excellence. After all, it is YOUR writing project that is on the line.


2.      Do expect that the pacing will include weekly lectures/readings, quizzes, and assignments.


3.      Do expect that you cannot move forward in your course until the current module is completed. However, the course clock continues to tick, even if you fall behind. Ex. You are in Week 3 (module 3) of an eight- week course, but fail to complete an assignment until Week 5, and now must “catch up.” *Please note that if you fall more than two weeks behind, you will be unenrolled from the course, which is non-transferable and non-refundable.


4.      Do make sure that if an emergency happens, you contact your instructor to let him/her know.


5.      Do expect a final test and project.


6.      Do expect that when you are done with your course you will be one step closer on your path to having a completed, polished writing project.


7.      Do expect a certificate of completion (non-CEU).


8.      Do expect recommendations for the next step in your journey with us.


9.      All “alumni” of TLM Academy courses will receive a 10% discount for their next course. *Excluding those scholars who have received a discount through bundling.


10.   Do expect to have an amazing, transformative experience! You will leave your course having more exposure and better comprehension of your craft as well as where you currently stand as a writing creative.


TLM Academy is excited that you have decided to empower yourself to be the best writing creative you can be!  Welcome to the TLM family! But most importantly, 

welcome to the next step in your writing journey.