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" Language is 'the infinite use of finite means.'"

Wilhelm von Humboldt
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Welcome to the wonderful world of writing!  Whether you are a novice writer or a veteran in the war of words, you BELONG! 

So, take a deep breath and dive right in.  You are among your own kind.



by Kortney Y. Watkins


Eights and circles ring round,

as if stuck on a track with no change.

But the seemingly mundanity is

nothing more than illusion.


The cycles are seasons with each their own

unique flair and flavor oozing into

subconscious minds and painting hearts

in beauty or shading souls in depravity.

Go, and choose your spices; pick sage to start.

How will you season life’s dish?

Like God, love variety and your possibilities are endless.


Feast on the unknown, but hoped for.

Drink the red-wine blood which Fruit

was given for all to be filled in promise,

    --in forgiveness.

Accept a buffet of infinity for

    --possibilities’ sake.