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About Us

Great literature begins with a single word.


The Linguistique Mystique's sole mission is to provide a safe haven where novice and experienced writers can come together to read, write, and promote literature. 


While reading and writing may seem like solitary acts, both become so much richer when one is immersed in an active community. That’s why we founded TLM Language Services LLC to provide a meeting place for fellow literary writers and enthusiasts alike. It is only in community and in the act of doing, do writers grow their craft.

The Linguistique Mystique simply seeks to promote good writing and by doing so, spark quality conversations, and introduce readers to new stories whether they are poems, short stories, essays, etc. 

Who We Are

The Linguistique Mystique is a literary e-magazine dedicated to the art, craft, and business of writing. Its parent company, The Linguistique Mystique Language Services LLC was founded by two colleagues, L. Renee James-Griffin and Kortney Y. Watkins, who met while instructing the next generation of learners at a local university in Georgia.

They collaborated to develop a curriculum to assist students with the academic and creative writing process and discovered there was a gap between how people learn, process, and apply the steps of writing. To offset that gap, the two colleagues established The Linguistique Mystique Language Services LLC (lovingly referred to in short as TLM). Their goal is to do what they have always done, and that is to bring the love of words to the masses (readers new and old) and help writers hone their craft to bring new stories to the forefront.

Their passion has grown to include a core group of experienced educators, speakers, consultants, and authors who aim to promote good literature and mentor those who want to learn how to craft great stories.


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Design Consultant

Creative Consultant

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L. Renee James-Griffin

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