Welcome to the website of The Linguistique Mystique Language Services. We are a progressive and intellectual set of educators who never shy away from teaching the truth and always engage the minds of our students.  An experienced group of educators, speakers, consultants and authors, we strive to bring a fresh and inspiring voice in the academic and creative arenas; we aim to teach students of all ages to discover the love for learning, language, and literature. 

​The Linguistique Mystique Language Services Company was founded by two colleagues, L. Renee James-Griffin and Kortney Y. Watkins, who met while instructing the next generation of learners at a local university. Through their collaboration on developing supplemental curriculum to assist their students in both the academic and creative writing processes, they found there was a large void between how people learn, process, and apply the steps of writing. It then became their mission to alleviate those woes by establishing The Linguistique Mystique Language Services Co. (lovingly referred in short as TLM).  They seek to teach others how to decode English language and literature, hence the reference to their name “Linquistique Mystique."

TLM Language Services is known for their natural ability to explain abstract concepts in engaging, interesting and thought-provoking ways. They use a compassionate approach sparking curiosity and connecting with people at all skill levels, whether it is within their published works and/or the courses they teach.



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