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Men, Tell Your Stories.

Besides books about rappers, athletes, and politicians, what stories are written for men that provide them with hope for a better future? What modern literary characters are young boys wanting to be when they grow up? There are plenty of stories and books for girls and young women to turn to when they need advice; however, besides comic books, sports magazines, and the adult section in the back of the store, what authors and books do men turn to when they need advice?

Men, it’s time to tell our stories. Some of you are probably thinking that your story is not worth telling because you are just a normal guy. Those are the stories we need. Before the concept of following your passion was socially accepted, people were told to find a job that pays the bills and to stay at that job until they retire or die. If you were lucky, you retired first. This was especially true for men. Sadly, there are men who are miserable, and it’s all because of their jobs. These men need to read the story of a normal guy. They need stories from men and about men who work normal jobs and are happy. Let’s discuss the story of David. Not from the Bible, but David, a normal guy from Georgia who worked for the same company for 46 consecutive years. David, a normal guy, was able to work this normal job because he found happiness in being able to spend more time with his family and participate in other activities that were only possible because of his normal job.

Other men may feel that their story is not worth sharing because they have more losses than victories. Well, we need these stories, too. Our society is so focused on winning and living our best life that some people do not know how to cope when life does not go as they planned. How does a man live his best life when he's constantly dealing with major obstacles? Your story could help him. One reason why I am always willing to listen and share my story is because I know how it feels to be a man going through situations without having the advice of a fellow male peer.

So, men, it’s time to tell our stores. You don’t have to write like Shakespeare, and you don’t have to be as smart as Einstein. Just tell your story. It doesn’t matter the format, and your story can have pictures. Who knows? Maybe one day we will have our own section in the front of the bookstore.

* Picture by Malcolm Garret via Pexels.

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